Fishing Strike App Reviews

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I love it

I only got it for the tank but I found that it is amazing. I have my own club with me, a random person and my dad. I love the vs option and the fish trap. If you want to join my club it’s the sailfishhoppers.


Honestly it’s one of the best fishing games I have ever played.Like the quality and the entertainment it gives out it’s just perfect.Keep it up.


This game was fun, until I got to level 2 and had fish escaping left and right! I couldn’t upgrade my gear because it’s so EXPENSIVE to buy better gear, and I’m done. I’m sad to see my sharks go, but I’m not getting this again. Sorry developers, but between the spam in the chat and ridiculous pricing on better reels, plus the fact that in the second map you have so much issue catching anything once down river, the game goes from fun, to irritating, then to boring due to no catches happening since your gear is so weak even on level ten that it’s stupid! Done and gone, I can’t take anymore of this crappy gameplay from level 2.

Game erased my profile!

I spent a lot of time playing this game till today! The game decided to reset and my profile is gone!

Perfect !

Best fishing game.!!

Bit broken

Its saying i need to update it when i already have it updated, fix this? Please?

Best fish game Evah!

I’m so happy there was a club event, I got my favorite fish the megamouth shark and I put it in my tank and I look at it every day



Okay but

As of the last update the fish count doesn’t update at the locations. I have to close it and re-load the app. Also do away with the “tap to open” screen. I already tapped it to open when I opened it to begin with. I don’t care if it takes time to load, but don’t make do something twice for no reason.

To whom it may concern

This game has kept me from being depressed, so long depression and unknowing dier thoughts of sychosis ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

The update weakened the anglers!!!!

The speed to fill up anglers power slowed down by a lot. I’m having trouble catching legendary fish that I didn’t have problems catching before I update the game. ANGLERS DONT HAVE SAME POWERS PLEASE FIX Also the daily challenge is 4 times Harder to beat then it was before the update. The fish is almost 6 times stronger then before. The level I’m stuck on fish had x160 and now it’s X1030 after the update. How do u expect to us to beat the level with only 3 MAIN ANGLERS and NO SUBS. Ridiculous!!!


Don’t bother. It was a great game until the recent update where they unbalanced every imaginable strength the player had. I spent a lot of time grinding to get to the point where I was able to play competitively. All that’s gone now. Don’t waste your time and especially not your money.

Ruined by update...

I love how you nerfed the anglers to where I can’t even catch a fish at my level anymore...way to go. This game was great before you had to mess with the anglers abilities, (specially the scream and the lightning storm). The club events are cool, but again, nerfing the anglers won’t let you get what you should be getting for fish. Once you hit level 50 it becomes nearly impossible to upgrade any gear bc never get any anymore. About to delete this game if the changes aren’t fixed soon...

Was great!

Since yesterday’s update.... starting the game says “Update available” takes me to the store, but store shows no update button, only “Start”, which starts the loop all over again :-(

Update nerfed and ruined game

Game was amazing till there nerfed all the good cards , would like a refund considering all the time and money I put into those cards to rank them up , then you render them all useless . Thanks so much for doing that to people

Awesome Fishing!

The best fishing simulator on the App Store! No, it’s not an exact simulation, that would be really boring. This is “CATCHING”! Much more fun than fishing :)

The best fishing game ever amazing job on this one

I have been playing this game for months now and i will not stop it is hands down the best fishing game i have ever played graphics are awesome and keeps you wanting to play

Fun but the auto reel took away a lot

Been playing for a while and am now at level 50. When they released the auto reel effects it really took away from the excitement. Now I hook the fish, set my phone down and let the auto do the rest. I can turn it off but why when the end result is the same. A message to the developer you should have never added that feature.



In app purchases seem to be a straight up robbery

I’ve spent 40$ on this app trying to obtain new tanks. Along with offers to help me get though some levels that I’m having troubles with. Iv go to the customer services with this issue and they have not resolved this at all. All I want is a few more tanks that are locked in behind micro trance action. So I can increase the amount of fish I can sell.

$30 stolen and my reviews get deleted!

Just got ripped off $31 and some cents for a $19 tank. Never got the tank! And that was in May 3rd. The system knows that I own the tank, and will not allow me to purchase it again or any other tank after that one…but customer service refuses to give it to me, or fix the glitch in my account! Update: Now on June 18, I just lost $10 in gems with the system crashing right after I purchased it, and of course customer service is going to give me grief about that too! I will never see those gems, and I will never see that $10...I will never see that tank, either! Rip off rip off rip off rip off

Fishing strike

Very fun game

Suggestion and problem

Currently level 74 in game. I am really sad when I have to give it 3 stars. 3-4 times purchase errors when the app crash. Take money from my credit card, no items. Then after very long time when I contacted their support, I have to contact apple store for the refund. Yeah they told me they fixed the problems, then 4 days later, similar problems occurred. World chat in game is like game log or cheat tracking log, come on we don’t want to know who got which fishes. No point about clan system in game. There is nothing you can do. Can you at least add clan store? Please put more effort and add more exciting stuff other than give players free fuel for repetitive action. Level 10 fishing rod is like pointless. Yeah higher player can catch all fish. Perhaps higher level? I can wait for the big update 3-4 weeks. Or Many of us will leave the game. 1 star because Ethic problem. Spent couple hundreds and the really don’t care their players. I will never play their games again.

When I first started playing this app I caught a great white the fight was so cool! 🦈🦈🦈. I give this app 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😎😉😉😏😅!

“Fishing Strike Review”

I played this game for only the first time yesterday and ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! I loved playing “Fishing Strike” SO MUCH that I had a rather difficult time pulling myself away from playing it. This is why giving this game a five-star review a no-brained. Thank you EVER SO VERY MUCH for making such an outstandingly, wonderfully great game that is WAY, BEYOND fun!! I GREATLY appreciate it!!! Please keep up the phenomenally spectacular work!!!


It’s very fun! Very good game for people who LOVE fishing! 👍

Totally worthless

Spent $$ on it and did not get anywhere. Do yourselves a favor and grind somewhere else that doesn’t f..k you


Keeps bleeping OFF???

ᗷEᔕT GᗩᗰE

This game is my new favorite game it is amazing and its perfect for all ages and better yet if you couldn't fish at home now you can I totally recommend it!!

Mad max about it

Really this game graphics are so beautiful and control so smooth. I love this game

Have not received in app purchase in over 3 weeks

I’ve sent multiple messages requesting assistance. You folks have zero customer service. I purchased the additional tank May 6th and you have still not provided my purchase. You had no issue taking my 4.99. Your responses show no compassion and your sense of urgency is pitiful.

Very good.

Me like.

Unique and Interesting

This is one of the best fishing games I’ve ever played. At first I was a little skeptical about playing a game like this because it just seemed so weird. Specific anglers with different skills and abilities? How is that going to work? Well, there are a ton of anglers with a lot of different unique abilities. It surprisingly works very well. Now let’s get to the combat. What do you do? Well, you select a squad of three anglers (later you get 3 sub anglers) that give you different bonuses to help you fish along with their abilities. When you start fishing it takes you to a screen that lets you choose where to toss your fishing hook. If you get it into a particular area then you get a perfect rating, which allows you to get an increased chance in a legendary or a special fish bite. The combat is pretty easy at the start of the game. You want to keep the fish in the whirlpool for massive damage and swipe in the direction the game tells you to when it jumps out of the water to inflict additional damage. If the fishing line snaps while you’re trying to catch it then you’ll fail. Now that we’ve gone over the combat, let’s talk about fuel and gems. I hate playing games that require some sort of energy system in order for you to be able to play. Wouldn’t you want the most amount of players playing the game as much as possible? Why prevent people from playing your game by restricting them from being able to do stuff because they are out of energy? This game doesn’t have much of a problem with that when you’re first getting started. Pretty much whenever a new day starts, they’ll gift you about 50 fuel. That’s enough to get you some rounds of fishing in. The good thing about the fuel is that it stacks. If you’re at full fuel and get a gift of 50, it’ll just add on to what you have. That is extremely useful for me because lately I haven’t been as adamant about playing the game as often as I did initially. I have over 1,500 fuel just from logging in and collecting for the day. Now, gems is the in game paid currency for the game. It’s not entirely necessary for you to make micro transactions playing this game because you can get a lot of the stuff yourself. To sum it up, gems are pretty easy to come by. Up next is going to be the quests. I LOVE QUESTS. Quests are amazing because they give you so much gold, do, and gems. You usually finish them just by playing the game and get some free supplies. There are also achievements that give you supplies as well. There are quite a few different maps as well as well as game modes. I personally don’t care for the multiplayer since it just doesn’t seem balanced to me. I could have full big fish stats and other people would still get bigger fish. They could have their anglers leveled up ridiculously high and there’s no way to tell because it just matches you based off of the rank you are. There are quite a few things you can upgrade to help you get further into the game and catch tons of awesome fish. There are boats, fishing sets, and anglers that you can upgrade to increase your fishing mastery. It does require a bit of grinding to get the stuff. That brings me to my next point which is the grinding. I typically don’t mind grinding in games, in fact I think it is actually kind of nice. But in a game where you use energy to do stuff, grinding is your worst enemy because you blow through fuel so fast. My last point is a pretty negative one. Lately they have just been spamming my phone with notifications about any little thing. I wouldn’t mind one notification to tell me my free platinum box is available or a new tournament is starting. But they have been sending me 5 to 6 notifications per situation within a few minutes of each other. I really enjoy the game but I’m going to take a break from it for now because of how difficult it is to progress based off of the fuel. I wouldn’t even mind paying five dollars or something near there to pay for infinite fuel.

Fishing Strike review

It is a fun game but it is way to easy to pass levels. I am only level 22 and I am already in the Norway map. If the maps where harder then I will give this game a 5/5.

Overall it’s an awesome game!! 👍

Good game I wish more there were more games that are like it

Server exception and connection drops

The game is still fun. The game must have a memory leak or something when it freezes, closing it out of the app switcher freezes my phone iPhone 7 plus for about 15 seconds then it resumes normally. There seems to be a wall with progression in amazon river I was able to catch all fish well then I get to loretto and every single fish breaks the line, or goes off screen, I've upgraded anglers, bought a better boat and even used gems I had saved up to get a better fishing line. But still without fail every fish breaks the line. The ONLY reason I get on is for the daily missions, for the level up experience so hopefully I can keep playing once I'm higher level. The update seems to have fixed server exceptions and connection drops but now the game hangs between loading the boat, claiming a fish and claiming obtainable items AND accepting mail rewards. Why oh why is there so many serve or checks on fishing. I understand loading into the boat but counting the checks theres 1 starting mission 2 result of your cast e.g. Perfect 3 fish that bit gets sent up 4 start of reeling 5 fish being reeled in after battle 6 fish stats and sell or aquarium 7 obtainable items 8 back to world tour. These are all that I've counted where the game gives a loading wheel and my connectivity is checked. Seems like an excessive amount of checks and lots of books and crannies where things can be hung up. Like the last server exceptions and drops. Now it's just freezing for like a minute-minute and a half. Fun game that reels you in but frustrating nonetheless. I really do Love the game but the server exceptions and unable to contact messages are annoying. And frankly quite game destroying. I get an alert saying rare fish spotted but between server exceptions and dropped connection there really is hardly a chance to try. There have been cases where I get an alert saying open app now for 30 fuel and the server exception causes me to receive 0 in mail. Don't know if that's a glitch or what. I like the music, multiplayer, collection, graphics, gameplay, I like the rate at which we receive premium currency, it seems balanced and truly is a fun game. But since this game is SOOO server based it's really difficult to enjoy when half of your time playing is trying to log back in, or retrying the results screen.


This is the dat best!!!!

Last Update Destroyed Game!

May 11th update completely destroyed game. Constantly crashes game. Either fix it or I'll just delete this game and move on. Before it was a solid 5 stars.

Good, but not great

Great variety, graphics, etc. Issue is the actual fishing. It starts getting a little repetitive. Could do with more interactivity and fish moves


Good game a lot of action

Appreciate it

Thanks a lot for the new update I like not having to use my duel for the tournaments now|i really enjoy this game. The realistic features do stand out in the fish to, but what I strongly think y’all should do is add an update to where besides going along with what seems to be a career line have a different side to the game where you can fish where you want just to have fun. Thank you for the great game keep going with the updates though


Tha game was good but stopped working after the update 😒

Phone freezes

After I close this game my phone freezes for about 30 seconds. I have an iPhone X on the most up to date iOS. This app is a disgrace to iOS gaming. My phone becomes inoperable because of it. 5/9/18 this issue is still not fixed. I contacted support and received a canned response that didn't solve the problem.



No lure durability

Stop this I was so close to catching a giant barracuda but the fishing rod broke what’s the point of the game☹️

Buttery smooth!!!

No lagging or crashes at all. I'm currently on level 37. I'm on my second rod and third boat and no fish ever gets away. No IN APP PURCHASE NEEDED.

Game freezes too much

Lost way too many fish to the game freezing. iPhone 5s iOS 11.3 At least 2 named, 7 legends and countless “new” fish. Frustrating to say the least. Almost at the point to asking for a refund for the money I’ve spent.. Please fix it I want to play the game.

Awesome 😎

It’s so much fun I am so addicted to this game you need this game now get it

Won’t even load on iPad Pro 10.5” latest iOS

I just downloaded this and can’t get it to even load. Game is version 1.14.1R. I use the gamecenter login because to heck with Facebook and it doesn’t load. Got as far as a white screen then crash of the app. Sounded nice in theory.

Battle Issues

Alright I can’t stand that every time you lose -20 points are taken away from my rank but overall it’s a good game.

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